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Agape :iconsloartist-raven:Sloartist-Raven 28 2
Mature content
Fionna the bunny girl :iconfangcovenly:fangcovenly 307 20
Nick n Judy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 26,956 879
Hetalia!Boys x Reader: Chapter 1.5
~ Roderich's P.o.V. ~
The door to the staffroom is opened, and a young woman with (length) (colour) locks and (colour) eyes enters the room.
She seems to be fairly nervous. I haven't seen her before – I would recognize her. She is very pretty.
Perhaps she is new here.
Elizabeth promptly draws her into a conversation.
She is the one who persuaded me into teaching with her at the Reichenbach University for the duration of the world conferences which will be held in town, with Ludwig as the host. Due to the huge amount of free time we have between the conferences, everyone of us searched for a way to pass the time. And so, Elizabeth and I are professors at the local university.
Elizabeth introduces the young woman named (First Name) (Last Name) as the new professor for history at the university and beckons me over.
From close up, (Name) seems even prettier than from afar.
„(Name), this is Roderich Edelstein.“ Elizabeth says. „He is a professor for music. He'll show
:iconladylyacaria:LadyLyacaria 42 6
EnglandXReader - The Pirate's Bride C1
“Hey! Wait up!”
The blonde haired boy turned to look back at who had just called out to him. He was walking out of a really dingy and run down cabin. Behind him he saw a little girl about his age, just under ten years old. She had (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. The boy smiled at the girl.
“Hurry up slowpoke!” He said his voice thick with a British accent.
“It’s not my fault you're so fast, Arty!” The girl countered.
“Come on, (name)!”
The girl caught up to the boy, almost tripping, but before she fell the boy caught her. The girl smiled up at him, looking into his striking green eyes.
“Where are you going?” The girl asked.
“The usual spot.” He said. “Care to join me?” he gave the girl a toothy grin.
“Yes! Let’s go!” she said, grabbing the boy by the hand and pulled him along with her.
~Time Skip~
The pair sat on the ledge of the cliff together, their legs swinging in the air. T
:iconashrevans:AshREvans 590 285
Pirate!EnglandxReader~Black X~ Part 1
"(Name), please put on your sun hat!" your mother shouted over her shoulder as she rummaged through the back of the wagon, searching for the rest of the water cloths (also known as beach towels). "And where are the water cloths?!"
"Next to the food basket," you sighed, pulling out your awfully large sun hat, and placing it on top of your head.
"Ahh, there, found it!" You could hear your mother's voice saying happily.
Rolling your eyes, you fixed the large hat on your head before pulling it off and growling.
"But it's annoying." you told your mother, examining it closely. "And itchy!"
"It protects your head from the sun! Be thankful you even have it!" your mother shouted back.
"Be thankful for this itchy thing?" you mumbled, wishing you could just throw it on the ground and stomp on it. "Yeah, right."
"(Name), you can choose the spot today," your father replied, setting the food basket on the ground along with another bag for the water cloths.
"Sounds wonderful," you smiled fakely, then
:icon1meh8:1meh8 157 48
Male! Jessica Rabbit x Detective! Reader Ch. 1
In the modern days somewhere in Hollywood, you are a detective and always go on solo. You wore a (f/c) trench jacket and (f/c) pants with (s/c) boots. Your trademark hat was a fedora. Your fedora had a crimson red color with a black sash around. Also, you're not just a detective, you're a Toon detective. Like you rescued Donald Duck's nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie or you cleared Goofy's name from accusations of espionage. Actually, you solved those cases because you always helped your father, who's also a Toon detective. You two were great partners and you were given a monkier, "The Toons Father and Daughter".
However, everything changed when you and your father tried to chase a Toon robber, who tried to rob the First National Bank of Toontown. You and your father were about to catch the culprit, but the thief dropped a grand piano on you two from 15 stories up. You survived from the crash, but not your father. You became shocked as you stared at your partnered father who got killed by
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 207 20
RoD || One For Me, A Basket For You :iconsapphiresquire:SapphireSquire 7 0
The Viper's Muse (Male!CruellaxReader): Part 1
*The Viper's Muse (Male!Cruella DeVilxReader): Part 1*
~Author's Note: Howdy howdy!! Glad to see ya'll reading my work :) Enjoy! NEXT PART IS UP!!~
“Muse: somebody who is a source of inspiration for an artist, especially for a poet.”
At the time it seemed like an honest enough job, one that would require you to just sit there and be inspirational, right? Nothing sketchy or compromising in any way; just a model for an artist. That’s all.
You remember repeating those notions to yourself as you drove to the loft of man you had zero clues about. 
You had been hired to act as his muse—maybe hired wasn't the right word; more like singled out and handpicked, which sounded a lot more flattering and less…weird—and were given an address, time, and date upon you were to report. 
The day this happened, in hindsight, marked the start of something very inexpl
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 312 33
Your Business, My Pleasure (Male!UrsulaxReader)1/3
~Author's Note: Just a note that Ursula is a "Cecaelia"--half human, half octopus and that this takes place BEFORE Ariel and her sisters. I hope you enjoy!!~


The warm Atlantic water slithers against your undulating body, softly billowing through your (h/l) (h/c) as you swim through King Triton’s golden palace during your routine patrol. Your scaly (t/c) tail forcefully propels you forward in graceful strokes that oblige you to grip the sword at your hip to keep it from wagging. Around you your fellow guardsmen give wary glances at the gold-plated armlets that signify your authoritative stature. It’s unheard of—of a mermaid being a Captain in Triton’s army, let alone a soldier. Even your envious male counterparts can’t dismiss or deny your valor or combat skill, and you’re aware of it. Such aspects are why you’re one of the King’s most trusted guardsmen.
You nod to passing courtiers before swimming beneath a
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 389 78
Gen's Furrie Dollmaker v1.0 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 8,194 2,831 Female Furry Dollmaker v1.2 :icongen8hedgehog:geN8hedgehog 35,652 19,671
Hearts On Fire (Hiccup X Reader) Chapter 3
“I promis you'll be safe.” Astrid gave you a comforting smile and nudged you toward the dragon.
You huffed, “Fine, but if this goes badly, I'm done.”
She smiled, “Deal.”
You reached up and took Hiccup's offered hand. You wrapped your arms around his waist trying not to show how scared you were. “Toothless, listen. Slow.” The dragon grunted and his muscles started to coil. “Oh no.” Hiccup looked over his shoulder, “I'm really sorry about this.”
“What are you talking ab-” you were cut off as the dragon took off at full speed up in the air. Your arms tightened around Hiccup crushing the air from his lungs. After several moments the dragon slowed above the clouds. “Oh boy,” Hiccup said, not helping to reassure you. “Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile,” he said to the dragon just before it dropped into a downward death spiral.
You screamed at the top of your lungs believing th
:iconluvstruckwriter:LuvStruckWriter 48 7
Mature content
Bad Touch Trio x Exhibitionistic!Reader (Lime) :iconladylyacaria:LadyLyacaria 189 139
Mature content
BunnymundxPooka!Reader LEMON Request :iconspiritstien111:SpiritStien111 220 86
RotG - The Guardian of Belief (Jack X Reader)
Chapter 4
[Burgess Primary School, Library, Your POV]
After your spazz with Jack and secrets outside, you had run back into the school and waited out the rest of the lunch hour in the library in the reading area with an old book of fairy tales.
Reading always made you feel better, whatever the occasion or reason. And what with all the snow outside and all this new technology meaning the kids didn't need books anymore, it was fairly empty.
You were just finishing the tale of 'The Princess and the Seven Swans' when the bell went off signaling you needed to head back to Learning Support to welcome the kids back in.
Placing the book back where you found it you were about to leave when a sound of books falling off their shelves caught your ears confusing you as you thought you were alone in here, the only other person in here was the half asleep librarian and she was on the other side of the room.
Going around to the shelves where you heard the noise from you found only one book had
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America by Marshallfionna 

America x Reader Party in the U.S.A!


{C/N} = Country name
[T/N] = Town name
(F/N) =First name
(L/N) = Last name


"Are you sure you're going to be alright sweetie? You can always choose to cancel you know!" You mother said with sadness and worry in her voice. you were at the airport in {C/N]}, in [T/N] and you decided to move in the USA in New York, but you reassured your mother that you were moving with Maya. Your best friend and he is also the one that invited you to live wth him in New york! And Yes HE. . . Maya is a boy. He's a mix of south korean and Japanese, he's very cute, he has platinum blond hair,a little bit of sharp features in his face that make him look super sexy but you only like him as a friend. "Mom i'm not going back on my words and you know it so stop it!".'All passengers for the New York flight must attend to there plane, the olane number 5 will be going in 50 minutes, thank you'. After the message had distracted your mother you took that opportunity to take your bad pack and  went straith to your flight that your mother didn't had the time to react.

~Timeskip in the middle of the sky only halfway from NY City~

'I'm telling you, you are gonna love NY I swear, i'll show you how to get to another place by subway' You were chatting with Maya on your Ipad. 'Thanks Maya, but what I really need is a job first of all, you said that they were still looking for a DJ right?' Maya work's in radio station and they are looking for a new Dj. Since the previous one decided to quite. 'Yeah we are and I already told the boss that you have awesome talents as a DJ. He also said that he will pay you the double of what you use to win (wich was only 10$ per hours) when I told him. 'Thank's, you are the best, see y'a at the airport!' 'Y'a, see you later w00t! '. You turned your Ipad off and took your Ipodout with your Beats and started to play your music and soon enough you drifted to sleep as your favorite song Laura Palmer, from Bastille played

You woke up from your little nap when one of airwaitress told you that the plane just landed 2 minutes ago. "Holy Crap, thank's a lot miss." After getting your luggage, it took you 17 minutes to find Maya. "Damn, (F/N) it's about time! Seriously what took you so long?" Maya was pissed off because he knows you get lost sometims and espiecialy in Airports. "Sorry Maya, I just wanted to eat something since I didn't have time to." You tell him as you show him your subway sandwich. "Fin, get in the truck, now!" He tells you will huffing.


After the long traffic of waiting in the car and eating in it and hearing Maya yeld to the other cars because of his hot-headed attitude, wich results of you laudhing in his face. You have finaly arrived at your apartment. Getting off the elevator, you stood in front of your future house door. You open the door and your hearth fluttered like a thousand butterflies as you enter the apartment as you could see that most of the furniture was missing in the livingroom, the diningroom, the kitchen and more. "Don't worry I know wher we can find some cool furniture and that Retro Style that you love so much."
 He says, he knows love Retro Style it is so refreshing and modern. You were like a little girl on a sugar high. "Oh~ yes, yes, yes, yes, Yes~. Please, like now!"." Yep". Hesaids laughing in his head of the way you anwsered him.
I was cleanning my room when i found my old draft that i drew 2 years ago.
it bring me back a lot of memories


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I'm still a student in a secondary school.


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